Magna Graecian Monochrome Vessel - SP.007 - For Sale

Magna Graecian Monochrome Vessel - SP.007
Price: $1200.00
A thick red band encircles the center of this jar, with two very thin lines above, and a slightly thicker one below. The bulbous body widens at the middle then tapers quickly to the narrow base that has a thick red border. An energetic wavy line is the only decoration on the upper portion; particularly attractive set against a buff background. The everted lip is done in red, connected by the handle that curves to middle of the body and is ornamented with a laurel leaf in red. The Greek colonists of Southern Italy (known as Magna Grecia) developed their own style of ceramic ware; a fact vividly evident in this fine vessel - (SP.007)

Ancient Greek
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