Magna Graecian Trefoil-Lipped Oinochoe - PF.2145 - For Sale

Magna Graecian Trefoil-Lipped Oinochoe - PF.2145
Price: $600.00
As we pick this graceful vessel up by its handle, we cannot help but wonder who might have made these same gestures centuries before. When this little oinochoe was new, the Classical world was in its flowering. In Magna Graecia (pre-Roman southern Italy), cities originally founded by Greek colonists supported a luxurious lifestyle for their citizens. On the dressing table of some beautiful woman, this vase might have contained fragrant oils used to smooth the skin. What thoughts crossed her mind as she lifted the vase to pour out it contents? As we picture this moment, or a thousand variations on that same theme, we are connected across time with that vanished age and the people who gave it meaning. - (PF.2145)

Ancient Greek
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