Ancient Roman Glass Jerusalem Cross Earrings Gold - For Sale

Ancient Roman Glass Jerusalem Cross Earrings Gold
Price: $800.00
We have here a beautiful set of Roman Glass earrings with the "Jerusalem Cross" design. The Jerusalem Cross is a design that appeared with the nobles during the First Crusade and was supposed to provide them with divine protection in the Holy Land. It features five crosses, one large and four small, that are said to represent Jesus and the four evangelists, as well as the five wounds sustained by Jesus on the cross. It also symbolizes the four corners of the world in which Christianity is to be spread. The setting is made from about 8.2grams of solid 14ct Gold and is handcrafted by our own world class Armenian Jewelers here in Jerusalem. The gold is stamped as 14ct. The Roman glass is made from shards of larger pieces from over 2000 years ago. Each piece of Roman glass develops a unique patina and color so you will never find two pieces exactly alike. Also since the setting is completely handcrafted we can guarantee these earrings are completely unique and you will never find another set like them. Size: 2cm Gold: 14ct Weight of Gold: (approx.) 8.2g This set comes complete with a certificate of authenticity issued by the Hamedian Gallery as authorized by the Israeli Antiquity Authority. For more information or pictures please contact us at

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