Byzantine Silver Seal Ring - FZ.378 - For Sale

Byzantine Silver Seal Ring - FZ.378
Price: $6000.00
This ring was used as a personal identification stamp. When sending messages, they would be sealed with hot wax and imprinted with the engraved image. This stamp both secured the secrecy of the letter and revealed the identity of the sender. The image of the seal is a bird in flight. Head turned backwards, wings and tail feathers fully extended, this bird soars across the heavens. This creature can also be interpreted as a scorpion, claws poised to clasp its prey, tail and stinger erect, ready to administer a final paralyzing blow. Either way, this image symbolized a person’s identity, much like a coat of arms. Besides serving this important function, the ring also is quite stylish. The base of the seal is decorated with an incised frieze and a beautiful interwoven motif adorns the band. Whoever wore this ring, wore it not just to seal messages, but also to look fashionable. - (FZ.378)

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