Gold Ring with Roman Bronze Button - FJ.6976 - For Sale

Gold Ring with Roman Bronze Button - FJ.6976
Price: $2400.00
This stunning ring is modeled after ancient Roman examples. The elegant abstract forms and decorative motifs of the ring highlight the ancient button without distracting attention away from it. At first, the idea of buttons in Roman fashion appears odd, considering Ancient Roman citizens are traditionally portrayed wearing togas. However, a button such as this once would have likely secured an ancient leather garment, perhaps of a type worn by soldiers under their armor. Clearly, this item would have been quite a luxurious piece of clothing to deserve buttons of bronze. The charming rosette patterns that decorate the button reveal that even a formality such as buttons were treated with the same attention to detail as the fabrics themselves. This beautiful ring emulates the enduring taste and style of the Classics and surely would have been just as admired in antiquity as it is today. - (FJ.6976)

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