Sassanid Silver Elliptical Bowl with Incised Decorations - X.0367 - For Sale

Sassanid Silver Elliptical Bowl with Incised Decorations - X.0367
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The Sassanids were the last native Persian Kingdom to rule Ancient Iran before the Islamic conquest. The Sassanid era was a golden age of Persian culture that witnessed the revival of Zoroastrianism, an ancient mystical belief native to these lands, and a literary Renaissance spurred by the translation of many Old Persian epics written in cuneiform into the Middle Persian language of Pahlavi written in an alphabet derived from Aramaic. Based on written sources and the iconography found in silver dishes such as this one, monumental rock-cut relief sculptures, engraved gems, and coins, scholars have surmised that Sassanian art was an official art, reflecting the ideology of the state, and in particular the state religion: Zoroastrianism. Sassanid Silver Elliptical Bowlwith Incised Decorations-X.0367Origin:Central Asia Circa:5th Century ADto7th Century ADDimensions:9.75"(24.8cm)wide Collection:Near Eastern Style:Sassanid Medium: Silver

Ancient Near East
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