Sculpture of Shiva and Parvati Seated on Bull Nandi - DC.1882 - For Sale

Sculpture of Shiva and Parvati Seated on Bull Nandi - DC.1882
Price: $8000.00
This large bronze sculpture depicts Shiva, the Hindu god of destruction and rejuvenation, with his consort Parvati. Together they symbolise marital bliss and felicity. Shiva is seated in the posture of grace with Parvati balanced on his left knee. Despite the intimacy suggested by the embrace of his left hand, the gazes of the couple do not meet. It was quite common for Shiva to be depicted on a larger scale than his wife, but the relative size of Nandi is very unusual. The bull- calf dominates the composition, standing in a solid pose with his weight evenly distributed on all four legs. The wonderfully smooth surface of the bronze is used to optimum affect to capture the sinews of the bull’s body. The ornaments are deliberately understated, with a string of beads/ bells around the neck and a small patterned rug beneath the divine couple.According to Hindu mythology, Parvati loved Shiva from her youth and underwent a series of trials to prove her affection. Shiva tested her three times, by assuming different disguises, before he accepted her absolute devotion. Initially the marriage was troubled by the hostility of Parvati’s father but these difficulties were resolved by the Parvati’s reincarnation. In this representation each figure holds one of their traditional attributes; Shiva the trident and Parvati the lotus bud. Shiva’s close-fitting dhoti is incised with straight vertical lines and he wears elaborate jewellery around his ankles, upper arms and neck. The headdress has a raised frontal band that is jewel encrusted with a short conical section behind, similar to that worn by his wife. Parvati is portrayed with bare breasts, considered a mark of divinity in ancient India. This is a truly evocative masterpiece of excellent craftsmanship. (AM) - (DC.1882)

Ancient Unknown
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