#10227 Spear Point Middle Elamite period 1200 to 800 BC - For Sale

#10227 Spear Point Middle Elamite period 1200 to 800 BC
Price: $229.00
Historical Context: The Elamite Civilization started in the lowland Khuzestan about the late 4th and early 3rd millennia. Known as Elam, geographically, Elam included more than Khuzestan; it was a combination of the lowlands and the immediate highland areas to the north and east. Traditionally it was a federated governmental structure based an overlord ruling over vassal princes. In earliest times the overlord lived in Susa, which functioned as a federal capital.

Elam appears in the Old Testament Table of Nations (Gen. 10.22), and an Elamite king whose name has comedown to us as Kedor-Laomer is mentioned in a later chapter of Genesis (14.1), as well.

Description: Bronze Spear Point, Amlash, Iran region
Size: 236 mm (almost 9 3/8-inches) tip to end of tang
Condition: Fine, Intact, broken off tang

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