Edward Henry Corbould & the perfect whydonnit ~ Heloise Forlorn +/- 1850 ~ art on offer - For Sale

Edward Henry Corbould & the perfect whydonnit ~ Heloise Forlorn +/- 1850 ~ art on offer
Price: $25000.00
If you type in the full name Heloise 'd Argenteuil you will see our item showing up. One can also few the item now on 'The Victorian Web'.

It would be great to have Heloise in Argenteuil. Which really is where she belongs.​

Edward Henry Corbould 1815 1905 Heloise D'Argenteuil Forlorn ~ watercolour with gum Arabic; museum quality ~ signed to the back with inscription ~ Corbould was the instructor to English Queen Victoria for twenty years ~ Buckingham Palace, the main residence of the English Queen still houses many works by the aritst, whom is also represented in important museums, universities and private collections throughout the world... The painting depicted here, is the very best depiction of this tragic French Heroine; one of the most famous romantic stories of all time; the true story of Heloise and Abalard ~ the letters are famous... this is in our opinion the best depiction of Heloise of all time... 15 x 19 inches in frame 25 x 29 inches
What makes the painting so extraordinary, is the fact that the artist painted a pimple in the corner of her mouth. Our left, and her right. This apart from the fact that he did not paint her as a seductive lavishly dressed woman, but as a nun stripped off all worldly goods bar a pearl, the symbol of wisdom, the perfect harmony/marriage of love and knowledge.
But the question remains: why the pimple? It lifts the painting form the ordinary to the extraordinary. The perfect whydonnit.

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