8300 19th century Hunza clay pottery bowl with yellow slip design - For Sale

8300 19th century Hunza clay pottery bowl with yellow slip design
Price: $385.00
19th century Hunza clay pottery bowl with yellow slip. Measures 9 inches across by 3.25 inches high. Very good condition with just a few rim chips which is to be expected. The Hunza people, or Hunzakuts, descend from the principality of Hunza. The Burusho or Hunzakuts (Hunza people), are an ethnic group indigenous to the Hunza Valley, Karakorum Mountains, Northern Pakistan. The Burusho claim to be descendants of the soldiers who came to the region with Alexander the Great's army in the 4th century BC. They live alongside the Wakhi and the Shina. The Wakhi reside in the upper part of Hunza locally called Gojal. Wakhis also inhabit the bordering regions of China, Tajikstan and Afghanistan and also live in Gizar and Chitral district of Pakistan. The Shina-speaking people live in the southern part of Hunza. They have come from Chilas, Gilgit, and other Shina language -speaking areas of Pakistan. The Hunzas are Shia Ismaili Muslims. DNA research groups the male ancestry of the Hunza with speakers of Pamir languages (Afghans) and the Sinti Romani (Gypsies), due primarily to the M124 marker (defining Y-DNA haplogroup R2a), which is present at high frequency in all three populations. However, they have also an East Asian genetic contribution, suggesting that at least some of their ancestry originates north of the Himalayas Shipping extra. Connecticut residents and buyers picking up in Connecticut add 6.35% state sales tax. Buyers outside the USA are responsible for any taxes,tariffs or customs that might apply. *** If you wish to see examples of similar items we have sold and/or appraised please go to our affiliate site www.OneofaKindAntiques.com and click the Archives / Homepage logo ***

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