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Qing Dynasty Doucai PORCELAIN BOWL
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This is a original Doucai bowl. We can tell from the painting handicraft and the tonality that it is a typical work of art in the middle year of Qing Dynasty. The mark under its bottom show it was made in the period of Xian Feng in Qing Dynasty.

The national strength of Xianfeng Period (1,851 - 1,861) in Qing Dynasty, after a series of internal disorder and foreign invasions impact, such as the
Taiping Heavenly Kingdom peasant uprising, the foreign big powers' invasion, etc had extremely declined. In the fifth year of Xianfeng Period, the Jingdezhen imperial kiln stopped because of the chaos caused by war. In the 11th year of Xianfeng Period, Taiping army attacked and captured Jingdezhen, then Jingdezhen, the famous Porcelain Capital which has over a thousand years history, nearly had been paralysed completely. Xian feng's porcelains handed down should be made before the fifth year of Xianfeng Period. The high-quality porcelains in Xianfeng Period are very few and its drawing charater appearance and background level are inferior to the ones in previous dynasty, but because of the small quantity of porcelain from official kiln those handed down appear precious. Similarly, the ones handed down from folk kiln were few too therefore they still are the treasure the porcelain collector searches.
High: 2.17 inch/5.5cm
Opening Diameter: 4.13 inch/10.5cm

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