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Important Satsuma vase Presented to Benjamin Harrison the 23rd US President by the Japanese Ambassador. The Harrison presidency presided over an important era in American Japanese relations. The McKinley act was passed in 1890 which increased and decreased tariffs to countries around the world. Japan was particularly affected by the potential of this legislation and it would seem quite fitting that the Japanese government would see fit to recognize this fact and bring gifts to the President and his wife. According to the family this vase was among several gifts given to the President and his family by the Japanese Ambassador in a hope to curry favor with the legislation at hand. The McKinley act also for the first time required the country of origin to be placed on imports. Japan wanted to comply to the McKinley Tariff Act but somehow had to translate their country name into a form that could be used by Westerners. Many people may think that it would not have been a big deal, however one should hold in mind that for example any US manufacturer would never mark items ''Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika'' instead of ''USA'' just because they want to export to Germany/Austria and Switzerland. With other words local patriotism and easy international readability had to be taken into mind. Japan came up with Nippon a combination of the two symbols that make up the Japanese mark. Harrison himself had this to say in his 1890 State of the Union Address. ''The revision of our treaty relations with the Empire of Japan has continued to be the subject of consideration and of correspondence. The questions involved are both grave and delicate; and while it will be my duty to see that the interests of the United States are not by any changes exposed to undue discrimination, I sincerely hope that such revision as will satisfy the legitimate expectations of the Japanese Government and maintain the present and long-existing friendly relations between Japan and the United States will be effected.'' This vase along with the provenance of written history by the great grand daughter of President Benjamin Harrison a calling card from her as a child and a original calling card from the Mrs. Benjamin Harrison accompanies this vase as an important piece of US Japanese history. Its is in extremely good condition for its age with just the most minor of rub. Stands about 12'' tall and has very good girth. An impressive piece of US history. Inscription is untranslated and larger pics of the presentation writing is available via email. Status: For Sale Reference#: 122_2273 Condition: vg minor rub Year: 1890

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