18th Century Mahogany Neoclassical Inlaid Tea Caddy - For Sale

18th Century Mahogany Neoclassical Inlaid Tea Caddy
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This late 18th Century, George III fine inlaid mahogany double tea caddy is elegantly crafted in the Sheraton style. An outstanding celebration of the understated, (more simple than much later ornate styles) this neoclassical piece displays exceptional mahogany grain, beautifully complemented by the inlaid maple round on the lid and matching maple trim surrounding mahogany on the double tea compartment lids inside. The piece also exhibits 18th Century hand made off center screw heads. When it was made it was most likely called a "tea chest". The word "caddy", which became popular later, derives from the Malay Chinese "kati" which means a measure of tea weighing about a pound and one third. This single imported commodity was destined to inspire almost two centuries of social ritual and decorative arts. The largest and most diverse group of caddies are the wooden boxes or chests. The high cost of tea assured its status as a luxury item and necessitated a secure container for its storage and display. The construction and decoration of these containers was a reflection of the social rank of the owner. The finest furniture makers were enlisted to produce these boxes, each of which reflected the cabinetmaker's best work. Circa 1775 - 1799. h. 5" w. 9" d. 5".

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