Rare 16th Century Persian Vase In Paktong - For Sale

Rare 16th Century Persian Vase In Paktong
Price: $1250.00
An unusual example of of Persian metalwork -- possibly crafted in China for the Persian market -- in a graceful form. The widely flared top portion is deeply fluted and bears finely detailed engraving of flowers along its lobated edges. The uneven number of sections indicates that the piece was hand wrought, not cast. The bulbous body, also delicately engraved with floral motifs, has a plain collar above and an ogeed base below. Of thick gauge, the vase is formed of paktong (or tutenag, an alloy of copper, nickel and zinc), which was introduced in the Eighteenth Century to British silversmiths, such as Matthew Boulton, who used it in fashioning candlesticks, wine labels, etc., as a replacement for highly taxed sterling. Persian or Chinese, late Sixteenth Century. Mint condition. Approximately 5-1/2 inches high and six inches in diameter at the top.

Decorative Interior
Misc. Antique Decor
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