TIffany Studios, Pine Needle Magnifying Glass, Green Glass, Patina, Very Nice~~~ - For Sale

TIffany Studios, Pine Needle Magnifying Glass, Green Glass, Patina, Very Nice~~~
Price: $1895.00
For Sale is a very Rare desk set item made by Tiffany Studios of New York. The Item is a "Magnifying Glass" and it is done in the "Pine Needle" desk set pattern. The patina on the metal is the most desirable Green/Brown. The stained glass is the green/white opalescent Favrile glass. The Magnifying Glass 1/2" tall, 8" long and has a diameter of 3 5/8" outside measurement.

This Magnifying Glass displays an Acid Etched Pine Needle Overlay Pattern on Green/White Opalescent Glass in the Handle. The Glass inside of the handles is slightly slumped or curved. This is one the most desirable and Rarest of the Tiffany Pine Needle Desk set pieces to find. The Patina is extremely nice!

The Magnifying Glass is considered to be in excellent condition as there are no cracks, or chips to any of the Glass. The only issue I can see is some marks on the exterior clear glass on the high points. It appears that something came in contact with the glass on more than one occasion. I'm sure this could be polished out. It can only be seen when held at an angle to the light. The metal face surrounding the Glass is in great shape. There are a few indents one the overlay handle, one on each side. This is all considered minor and does not take away value from the piece. The Magnifying Glass is signed on the bottom underside ring next to where the handle is attached. It is signed with the "Tiffany Studios" impressed mark along one side and the pattern number "903" on the other side. This impressed mark is extremely small and considered and earlier mark.

This is a an extremely nice Magnifying Glass in excellent condition. When these are found there is usually some kind of damage to the glass or the Lens Holder that holds the Glass. I am very happy to report that this one has No Cracked Glass!! I believe the Pine Needle Pattern to have been one the first of the Fancy Goods Product lines made at Tiffany Studios. Those of you who are looking for an excellent example of the Magnifying Glass in the Pine Needle Pattern will be delighted with their purchase.

Tiffany Studios assigned a number to their desk set pieces after 1902. Up until then they were only Signed "Tiffany Studios" or "Tiffany Studios New York". Since this one has a number and based on the font size the Magnifying Glass was made, circa 1902-1905.

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