Tiffany Studios. Zodiac Paper Clip, Outstanding Patina~~~ - For Sale

Tiffany Studios. Zodiac Paper Clip, Outstanding Patina~~~
Price: $595.00
For Sale is a bronze Desk Set Item made by Tiffany Studios, New York. This is called a Paper Clip Holder and it is done in Tiffany's Studios most sought after Green/Brown Patina. This Paper Clip is part of the highly collected bronze "Zodiac" Desk Set items. The Paper Clip measures 3 11/16" wide by 2 5/8" deep. It stands only 1 3/8" tall and that is to the top decorative side of the hinge.

The Paper Clip displays a wonderful version of Tiffany Studios Green/ Brown patina. The top decorative side of the Paper Clip shows a Lion for the Astrological Sign of Leo. The Paper Clip Hinge opens and closes with ease and is working properly. The Patina shows a very nice lightly aged patina with minor wear on the underside bottom edges.

This Paper Clip is considered to be in excellent condition as there are no dents, or dings to any of the corners. This piece shows minor wear. The piece is signed on the backside Frame plate with "Tiffany Stvdios New York" Impressed Mark along with the Pattern Number 1180 for the Paper Clip Pattern number. The spelling of Studio with the letter "V" denotes this as an earlier piece.

Tiffany started using a 3 digit number for his Fancy Desk Set goods after 1902 subsequently this piece was made early circa 1902-1905. This is a quality item in the Tiffany Zodiac Desk Set Items. The Quality and Patina doesn't get much better than this. I'm Sure the Lucky Buyer will be delighted with their purchase.

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