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Price : $200.00
Smokey brown leather lounge chair, contemporary legs,comfortable,soft and stylish. a gorgeous corner chair. Very good ,some marks and scratches. Rounded arms, 24" h., 20" w.
 Antique Chairs
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Price : $300.00
A Primitive wooden antique trunk, chest,has charming metal heart padlock. Marked in white script, partial legible, noted, crafted in Wisconsin PA. A historic, object with  More »
 Antique Chests & Trunks
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Price : $1195.00
Stop and look at this exquisite 1890's gentleman's dresser. Tall and narrow, it fits anywhere! Seven drawers total, top drawer is a shallow, glove drawer with diamond  More »
 Antique Dressers & Vanities
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Price : $2000.00
Mahogany stained walnut two-piece plantation butler's deck, some original glass. Will entertain reasonable offers.
 Antique Desks & Secretaries
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Price : $1895.00
Today we offer you a great Industrial table with free edge burled wood top on a steel base having X-form stretcher sides. DIMENSIONS: Ht: 29.5" Width: 68" Depth: 47"
 Antique Tables & Dining Sets
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Price : $9999.00
Conference Table: 8ft. X 4ft. Solid mahogany (deep, rich color). Manufacturer: Paoli (Presidential Series). Custom 3/4 inch beveled glass top made for table to protect  More »
 Antique Tables & Dining Sets
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Price : $1900.00
Height: 18 in. (45.72 cm) Width: 21 in. (53.34 cm) Depth: 15 in. (38.10 cm) Country of Origin:USA Style:Renaissance Revival Maker:Unknown Condition:Restored Year:19th C.  More »
 Misc. Antique Furniture
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Price : $20000.00
Country of Origin:USA Condition:Mint Year:20th C.Beautiful 4' square game table with hand sculpted solid bronze chess pieces signed Dunn. This is a spectacular set!
 Misc. Antique Furniture
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Price : $7500.00
Height:  47 in. (119.38 cm) Width:  22 in. (55.88 cm) Depth:  22 in. (55.88 cm) Country of Origin:Italy Style:Italian Renaissance Condition:Restored  More »
 Antique Pedestals
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Price : $60000.00
Country of Origin:USA Style:Renaissance Revival Maker:Thomas Brooks Condition:Restored Year:c. 1880 Description:Fabulous antique four-piece American Victorian/Renaissance  More »
 Antique Beds & Bedroom Sets
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