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Pra Pong-supan Yodto
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Phra Phong Supan were discovered on B.E. 2456 in Wat Phra Sri Ratanamahathat, Supan Buri province. According to a golden scripture found together in the pagoda which described that Phra Phong Supan was created by Phra Mahathera PiyaThassi Saribut during the period of King Bormrajathiraj 2nd.

It has strong ”U-thong” art style. Most of unique of this amulets is at the back had a thumb print of the creator. A superb Buddha amulets had all mighty protective power against weapon and bring good luck. Is the most powerful

It is believed that Wat Pra Srirhattanamahtat, Supanburi Province, was built more than 600 years ago during the reign of King Utong, the first king of Ayudhaya Kingdom.

Locals refer to the temple as Wat Prathat because “Prathat”, a chedi containing sacred relics, was located within the temple.

In BE 2546 this chedi was discovered by a local farmer who was know to have stolen many precious artifacts including gold and gems.

During the same year the chedi was officially opened, and fortunately the Kru still contained a large quantity of amulets of different classical styles, such as Lopburi, Sukhothai and Utong.

King Rama VI had visited Supanburi Province and on the occasion Praya Sunthornburi gave him some of the sacred amulets.

It was recorded that more than three carts of sacred amulets were found, and as such qualified it as the largest Kru within the province.

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