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Price : $1195.00
Circa: 1880 Dimensions: 46" wide x 19" deep x 69" high Stock Number: E0209-0326 This is a very beautiful English Victorian Dressing Table. It was purchased in  More »
 Misc. Antique Furniture
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Price : $170.00
Save 10% today... This fabulous early Fenton amethyst carnival bowl is called either Comet or Ribbon Tie. The ribbons of smooth rays radiate from the center to the deep 3 and  More »
 Antique Carnival Glass
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Price : $40.00
This large basket is quite the find. It has an over-sized twist handle of crystal clear glass. The rim is surrounded by gradated colors - almost like a stain of cranberry  More »
 Antique Art Glass
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Price : Contact Dealer
This 1929 RCA is in need of restoration, there are 6 out of the 7 tubes/bulbs still in tact and not broken.this Is a great project radio, the body is in good condition.
 Radio Control & Control Line
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Price : $1500.00
cherry wood glass top cupboard and hand punched safe on bottom, has 4 top shelfs and 2 lower shelfs. top is full of old blue willow dishes and cups and assorted other will  More »
 Antique Cabinets & Cupboards
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Price : $11.00
western hunting knife and sheath 640 older model in good shape
 Antique Arms and Armor
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Price : $10.00
pemco automatic reel from 1953 instructions and box blah blah blah
 Misc. Antiques and Curiosities
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Price : $125.00
This rare Morgantown Genova Two-Tone tumbler is a beautiful deep cobalt Nanking Blue and golden topaz. The flared bowl is blown panel optic attached to the blown bell foot.  More »
 Antique Art Glass
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Price : Contact Dealer
Come to LOST ANTIQUES (a multi-vendor antiques venue) on Riverfront Blvd Dallas (formerly Industrial Blvd). LOST ANTIQUES and FOUND ANTIQUES under one ownership, occupy an  More »
 Antique Chairs
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Price : $1785.00
This Is A Full Size Bed That Could Be Converted To A Queen If You Prefer... Please Contact Us For More Details. With A Lovely Look This Headboard And Footboard Is Scalloped  More »
 Antique Beds & Bedroom Sets
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