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Known as New England’s premier antiques destination, the Berkshires contains shops along Route 7 from Great Barrington south into and beyond Sheffield, with additional shops in Egremont, Pittsfield, Williamstown and other communities. Contact the Berkshire Art and Antique Dealers Association for a full list. The Berkshires is also close to other interesting antique destinations; you can take Route 7 North to Litchfield Hills, then through Vermont and onto Hudson, New York. All places are highly recommended.

The history of this area is as fascinating as the antiques you’ll find here. In the 1730s, English settlers established missions to bring Christianity to the Native Americans, making the Berkshires a summer destination for New Yorkers and Bostonians ever since the area’s first train tracks were laid. The regions mountain landscapes and closeness to New York and Boston attracts artists and writers alike, including Herman Melville and Edith Wharton. So while you’re in this remarkably rich historic area, make sure you take some time out from antiquing to explore all of the other marvels the Berkshires have to offer, such as local museums, culinary delights, historic sites, theater festivals, music, quaint Inns and more.

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Bradford Galleries Limited


Corner House Antiques

Specializing in 19th-and early 20th-century American antique wicker furniture. Extensive inventory of Victorian, Bar Harbor, Stick Wicker, and art...
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The White Hart Inn

The Village Green 15 Undermountain Road
Salisbury - Connecticut - 06068

Applegate Bed & Breakfast

279 West Park Street
Lee - Massachusetts - 01238


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