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The Worlds Longest Yardsale

The World’s Longest Yard Sale takes place every year in the U.S., during the first weekend in August, and spans across four states: Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama. An incredible 450 miles long, you can access the Yard Sale via Route 127 as it meanders through the Blue Grass State, passing through Lexington and Louisville and through Harrodsburg, and then through Tennessee, Nashville and Knoxville. It next winds its way through Pall Mall, Jamestown, Allardt, Clarkrange, Crossville, Pikeville, Dunlap and Whitewell, then continues its way through Chattanooga: here, briefly, the Sale follow Route 27 and the Lookout Mountain Parkway, then enters northwest Georgia, where it joins Highways 189 and 136 for a brief stint before joining 157, which leads to 48 and eventually, Alabama. Once you hit Alabama, 48 changes its name to Route 117, and continues to Mentone, where it makes a left onto 89 and passes through DeSoto State Park, Fort Payne, and Dogtown, finally picking up Highway 176. Don’t worry about memorizing this route; there are plenty of signs marking sales all along the way.

Created over 20 years ago, The Yard Sale was the brainchild of a county executive, who wanted to lure travelers from interstates to less-traveled roads. And lure them it does. An estimated 300 mini yard sales can be found along this route, including lots of parks, historic sites, music, arts and crafts venues, and breathtaking scenery. And by the end of this route you may very well find yourself returning home with interesting items such as vintage items, antiques, shabby chic pieces, ironwork and quilts, to give you just a taste of what you’ll find.

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