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Amherst, Wisconsin

Driving through the Midwest country side, down winding rural roads created by long gone glaciers will that take you to a unique building that was built in 1870. It is nestled in the middle of downtown Amherst, WI specializing in antique and vintage collectibles, oddities, and the unusual; this is not your typical boring antique store. They have fine art, glass, jewelry, furniture, tools, fishing items, sports memorabilia, oil, gas, beer & soda advertising items, clocks, watches, crocks, toys, first edition books, lighting and much, much more. It will surprise you when you arrive to see this storefront is very small, the experience is intimate, and the conversation with the owners regarding the history of the items they have will develop into friendships that will bring you back time and time again. This sweet feeling will linger in you long after you have left, not to mention it has the original tall windows of an old town general store, and they are beautiful. This community is very self sustaining, it has a local Bed & Breakfast, many delicious eateries, a mouthwatering bakery that has it's baker from Scotland, a hometown grocery store, hardware store, bank, gas station, post office, another antique shop specializing in furniture, a brewery and fine interior design store, not to mention an art gallery that features local artisans and their work is phenomenal. It is an all day trip and very much worth it.

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