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Antique Show/Event Details

Show Name : Scott Antique Markets
Address 1 : Atlanta Exposition Center
Address 2 : 3650 Jonesboro Road
City : Atlanta
State : Georgia
Zip : 30354
Country : USA
Contacts : Scott Antique Markets
Phone : 740-569-4112
Website  : scottantiquemarket.com
Date From : January, 07
Date To : January, 09
Hours : Friday 9am to 6pm Saturday 9am to 6pm Sunday 10 to 4pm
Annual Or Monthly : Monthly
When : Second weekend, monthly
Location : Atlanta Exposition Center
Number Of Exhibitors : 2,800
Description : We are known in the antique industry as America's Favorite Antique Show, due to the volume and quality of antiquities that change hands each month. Rare and one of a kind items show up by the masses priced reasonably. We are the exciting stock market alternative. We are unique among antique shows, not only because of the number of people who have visited us over the years, but also because of the spirit of caring and co-operation that we extend to our dealers and customers, and that we ask everyone to extend to each other.