Central Fragment of a Lustre Painted Plate - PF.5507 - For Sale

Central Fragment of a Lustre Painted Plate - PF.5507
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Central Fragment of a Lustre Painted Plate - PF.5507, Origin: Egypt, Circa: 11 th Century AD to 12 th Century AD, Dimensions: 6.25" (15.9cm) wide, Collection: Islamic, Art, Style: Fatimid Dynasty, Medium: Glazed Earthenware, Amongst the greatest and most eloquent manifestations of Islamic culture and civilization are the arts, especially the applied arts. It is through the universal language of art that one can appreciate the great achievements of the Muslim peoples and the contributions they have made to humanity. The earliest Islamic pottery was based upon the local traditions of newly conquered lands, particularly those of Syria, with its Greco-Roman traditions, and Iran and Iraq with their Sassanian cultures. Islamic pottery first flourished under the rule of the Abbasid dynasty when certain technical innovations relating to glazes were perfected. However, with the growing weakness of the Abbasids from the middle of the 10th century onwards, many artists and artisans moved migrated to new centers of power, particularly to Fatimid Egypt, importing their technical skills. Here, the arts flourished, nurtured and protected by the culturally enlightened rulers, establishing Islamic decorative techniques to pottery and ceramics with renewed vigor.

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