An Egyptian Wood Stele, Polychrome Decoration - For Sale

An Egyptian Wood Stele, Polychrome Decoration
Price: $16500.00
Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. From Egypt's Late / Ptolemaic periods, 664-30 BC. Very fine ancient Egyptian round-topped polychrome wood stele, upper portion decorated with a winged sun disk and two uraei underneath. Below, the female owner of the stele is represented in the framed register, depicted standing, wearing sandals and a long gown, with arms raised in adoration, before the God Osiris on the left, depicted mummiform, wearing the plumed atef-crown and false beard, arms emerging with hands holding an implement. To his right, a falcon-headed deity, depicted mummiform with a disc-crown, holding a was scepter in both hands. Between the owner and figures is an offering stand with libation vessel on top. Hieroglyphic inscription underneath figures, above figures and between both deities. 14"H (36cm) x 703/4"W (20cm).

Ancient Egyptian
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Glenn Howard Ancient Art
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