Sand-Core Aquamarine Glass Amphoriskos - GF.0103 - For Sale

Sand-Core Aquamarine Glass Amphoriskos - GF.0103
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Early sand-core aquamarine glass amphoriskos with tall, cylindrical neck, and two high swung handles. The vessel is decorated with a continuous red spiral trail from rim to shoulder and with a festoon pattern on the body. In the flower of the classical age, this lovely, colorful vessel contained some rare and costly perfume, perhaps attar from roses as red as the glass. We can picture it among the cosmetics of a noble beauty, who perhaps often admired its exquisite form, delicate as the scent within. Though we can never know its past except in our imaginations, its graceful beauty is undeniably real. A rare and splendid masterpiece of early glassworks. - (GF.0103)

Ancient Greek
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