Greek Polychrome Sculpture of a Seated Woman - PF.5557 - For Sale

Greek Polychrome Sculpture of a Seated Woman - PF.5557
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Origin: Mediterranean
Circa: 375 BC to 325 BC
Dimensions: 7.25" (18.4cm) high x 2.5" (6.4cm) wide
Collection: Classical
Style: Greek
Medium: Terracotta
The polychrome on this sculpture is remarkably well preserved. The seated woman is dressed in a white himation that wraps around her body and over her head. She wears large red disk earrings and a pale blue beaded necklace. Her face is highlighted in pale pink hues while her lips are the same bold red of her earrings and the fruit she holds in her left hand, most likely a pomegranate. Black delineates her eyes and eyebrows as well as her curly hair. The woman’s right hand is placed at her breast in a soft, human gesture of concern. Placed upon her head is a polos, a cylindrical crown associated with fertility goddesses. Who this statue represents remains a mystery, yet the beauty of the woman and of the artistry of the work remain intact. - (PF.5557)

Ancient Greek
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