Roman Glass Bangle - GF.0189 - For Sale

Roman Glass Bangle - GF.0189
Price: $120.00
Centuries ago, mankind learned to shape and mold glass into works of delicate beauty. Transparent or opaque, simple or ornate, richly colored or somber in hue, glass was prized as an ornament by queen and commoner alike. The Romans especially enjoyed wearing glass jewelry of elegant shape and in colors that imitated rare and precious gems like lapis, turquoise, agate or onyx. Imagine this lovely bangle adorning the arm of some ancient beauty as she went, laughing with her friends, to the market, the theater or the baths. Perhaps it was one of many, giving her arm the rich glow of a peacock's tail. From such a simple but charming clue, we can imagine a vanished life, an entire world. - (GF.0189)

Ancient Roman
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