Roman Military folding skillet, Complete Extremely RARE - For Sale

Roman Military folding skillet, Complete Extremely RARE
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A Roman folding military Skillet, circa. 4th Century C.E.. A VERY LARGE and extremely rare item. There are very few known in museums and I don't know if any are in such a fine state of preservation. This skillet was carried folded by soldiers and then unfolded for cooking in the camp. It also has a nice handle curved at end by which it was able to be hung. The skillet measures 74cm long! 29inches, 25cm wide 9 3/4 inches and the pan itself without the handle is 33cm long, 13 inches. When handle is folded, length is 50cm, 19 inches. Totally intact with only a few small age cracks at rim, see photos, this piece is VERY impressive.

Ancient Roman
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