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Israeliana - Metalware 6
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Some of those makers were employees at Pal-Bell and after a few years of 'learning the business' they opened their own workshop. Oppenheim was already known prior to the1950s and made items marked: "Hand Made in Palestine". Later they bought Pal-Bell from Moshe Klein and continued some product lines using Pal-Bell's moulds and their new logo.During the transition period, we may see items marked with both logos and some have no marking at all, but the items were made by using the original Pal-Bell moulds. There are many original items made by Pal-Bell, not marked or not listed in the catalogues. Some were not marked because of technical reasons, no place to put the marks, like "Zohar" candlesticks 681 or even not all pitchers "Beer Sheva" # 61 have Pal-Bell's logo or name, just "Made in Israel" in English and in Hebrew. Because certain items were made in a modular interchangeable manner, we may see certain 'marriages', which might be very successful, all of them however, are highly collectible.

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