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Gary Lee Price Large Bronze Sculpture 'Go Escargot' Limited Edition - For Sale

Gary Lee Price Large Bronze Sculpture 'Go Escargot' Limited Edition
Price: $10000.00
52" height 60" wide 32" diameter, 200lb
Nude Little Cupid Boy Riding an Escargot.
It will be perfectly suitable for an inside or outdoor placement. I had it inside of my home.

I purchased it from New Masters Gallery at Carmel CA about 7 years ago for $16,000.
It is offered now for $21,000. I have an original purchase papers. You can contact the gallery with questions about this piece. They wouldn't take it for consignment at this time.
It is very heavy, so shipment will be expensive. We can make an arrangements. At this point I offer local pick up. I am located in Chicago Lake and Halsted.
Gary Lee Price
Sculptor Gary Lee Price: Planting and growing things is nothing short of magical. I remember as a youngster planting my first marigold seeds and diligently watering and waiting. Nature did her thing and I was ecstatic! And then as they continued to grow and blossom, well, the magic has never left.
Sculptor Gary Lee Price has been creating bronze sculptures for over 30 years. Gary's mission is to Lift the Human Spirit Through Sculpture. We welcome you to Gary's website to view his many different garden sculptures and bronze statues. Cast in fine art bronze, these statues will be a lasting addition to your home, family and garden. We hope you enjoy viewing the different categories of bronze sculptures and look forward to hearing from you soon. The bronze sculptures created by Gary Lee Price can be seen all over the world, from the Hong Kong Library to the University of Texas. Although many bronze statues today look real, it is a good practice to watch out for fake bronze statues and bronze sculptures. You can usually easily identify them by the greenish hue some people identify with real bronze statues. First, the patina, or finish, usually has the same look on all of these pieces- a slick, brown lacquer on the skin then a greenish-blue color on the shirts, dresses, or other parts of clothing. Seeing this patina is usually a dead giveaway that the sculpture is a knock-off. Second, the quality of the sculptures are usually pretty bad, both the sculpting and the metal work.

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