Ancient Egyptian Naturalistic Stone Scarab, 600 Bc - For Sale

Ancient Egyptian Naturalistic Stone Scarab, 600 Bc
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An authentic ancient Egyptian naturalistic stone scarab, dated from, Late Period Ptolemaic Period (ca.688–30B.C) The scarab (kheper) beetle was one of the most popular amulets in ancient Egypt because the insect was a symbol of the sun god Re.Dimensions: Length: 2 cm - Width: 1.5 cm Condition: Some ancient chips to the edges as shown in the pictures otherwise intact Scarab: In the form of a beetle, the seamulets were very popular throughout Egypt’s history. The scarab beetle was associated with the life-giving and ever-present sun because of its activities.They were carved from faience,gems,stone and semi-precious stones.ALL ITEMS THAT WE OFFER FOR SALE COME WITH A CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY

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