Bronze Fenestrated Axe Head - FZ.075 - For Sale

Bronze Fenestrated Axe Head - FZ.075
Price: $9000.00
What does the mind see when we look upon the graceful yet efficient lines of this powerful weapon? The heat of ancient battles? Dark rituals done to honor long forgotten gods? It touches a chord somewhere deep within us, emotions as old as the earth, that even the best of us cannot always deny. Perhaps we should not try to, and instead admire this axe as a work of art, made beautiful and harmless by time. - (FZ.075)Origin: Kfar Malek, Palestine Circa: 2100 BC to 1600 BC Dimensions: 6" (15.2cm) high x 5.5" (14.0cm) wide Catalogue: V1 Collection: Biblical Style: Bronze Age Medium: Bronze

Ancient Weapons
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Barakat Gallery
405 North Rodeo Drive
Beverly Hills
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Phone : 310.859.8408

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