Venetian Glass Trading Bead And Jasper Beads - FJ.4423 - For Sale

Venetian Glass Trading Bead And Jasper Beads - FJ.4423
Price: $600.00
This stunning necklace combines man-made ornaments with the vibrant colors of natural jasper. During the Renaissance, the artisans of Venice perfected the colored glass techniques used by the ancients. Venetian beads were soon traded throughout the world, and were especially prized in Africa, where they assumed the stature of currency. In this remarkable jewel, the soft, earthy tones of the glass blend perfectly with the mottled richness of the stone. Such a necklace might have adorned the Queen of Sheba, Cleopatra or a tribal chief. The person who wears it today is certain to feel like royalty themselves. Many of the old beads were made in Europe and India and transported to West Africa initially by Arab traders, overland from North Africa and from around 500 years ago, by the European traders in their sailing ships, to be used as currency to purchase gold, ivory and palm oil etc. on the triangular trading routes from Europe to West Africa then onto the West Indies to return with produce from the plantations. We see these beads mainly worn by the royalty of Africa, because of their high value, and artistic craftsmanship. - (FJ.4423)Origin: Venise, Brazil Circa: 1600 AD to 1800 AD Collection: Beaded Necklaces Style: Venetian Medium: Glass, Jasper

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