18th Dynasty Scarab Thotmoses III - Mitry - For Sale

18th Dynasty Scarab Thotmoses III - Mitry
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Royal scarab with symbols of beauty "nefer", lordship "neb", two cakes or bread for the letter T, protection from Ureaus the royal cobra, with cartouche of King Thothmes III. "Praise and protection to the beautiful Pharaoh Thothmes (or Thutmoses) III " The cartouche translates as Men-Kheper-Ra. Found in Gorna, XVIII Dynasty, Ca 1504 to 1450 BC. The New Kingdom (extending from 1550-1070 B.C.) was the most glorious period in ancient Egyptian history. 17 x 11mm, intact/ excellent condition, save small ancient chip. Ca 1504 to 1450 BC Category:Egyptian Period:XVIII Dynasty Material:Steatite Dimensions:17 x 11mm Condition:Intact

Ancient Egyptian
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