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Museum quality pre Columbian dead mask!
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Museum quality Chankay mummy mask, c. 900-1200 AD.

The Chancay dead were buried in a seated position, bundled in layers of textiles and accompanied by offerings of ceramics, garments, feather work, precious metals and wood. A mask or false head was placed over the mummy bundle. The mummy was wrapped tightly in a fetal position and this mask was inserted on a longer post which was likely cut or eroded off.

The Chancay culture dates from about 1000-1400 AD and was located on the central coast of Peru, south of the Chimu culture. Burials discovered up and down the arid coast of Peru indicate that graves with elaborate offerings were common among several ancient cultures. Even artifacts made of wood and textile are often found in remarkable condition due to the consistently dry climate. A top mask worthy of the finest collections!

Size: 36 cm. x 20 cm.

Ancient South America
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