Canosan Vase in the Form of a Woman's Head - PF.0011 - For Sale

Canosan Vase in the Form of a Woman's Head - PF.0011
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In the bright, baroque style of Magna Graecia--a vivid reminder of what a colorful place the classical world really was--this vessel was part of the funerary offerings left at the tomb of some person otherwise unknown to us. The hollow body of the vase was designed to let libations of wine and other liquids seep into the tomb mound below as appeasement for the spirit of the deceased. We might guess from the predominantly feminine themes on this vase, and its mate, that these were offerings made for a woman. In their lively and elegant style, these pieces do not evoke the sadness of death, but rather the joy of life. - (PF.0011)

Ancient South America
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