Quimbaya Female Retablo - For Sale

Quimbaya Female Retablo
Price: $2250.00
A large and heavy solid unburnished buff slab figure from the Quimbaya culture, Caldas complex. Rarer seated female with extended forward down arms and legs, both adorned with incised bands painted in white. Rectangular shaped head with faint tattooed face, slit eyes and mouth and large realistically molded pierced nose. The majority of slab figures have survived without paint, but little remain on some, such as the black bands across her face and white bands seen on this figure.

Five very unique piercing holes running vertically down atop her head meeting up with horizontal ones on her forehead. Both left leg and arm reattached otherwise in excellent condition.

Measures 10.5"/26.67 cm tall by 7.5”/19.05 cm wide.

Columbia 1000-1400 AD.

Discount on First Acquisition

Ancient South America
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