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Inca Criollo Bull Vessel
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This rare vessel is in the form of a Criollo bull (Costeño con Cuernos). These type cattle were brought in by the Spanish during the conquest of the Americas in the mid 16th. Century. Very robust and typically utilized as a draft animal and for milk production. They are usually red or orange, sometimes chestnut, with small lyre shaped horns. This center spouted vessel shows a very healthy and stout animal. Overall brown slip with additional red and white paint embellishments. Measures 6.5" in height by 8.5" in length. Early Spanish colonial period.

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Today, these type ceramic figures are replicated as they became recognized symbolically. They appear whimsically and called Torito de Pucará. Grown into a traditional talisman to serve as a reminder to the powerful animal which brought them growth and development throughout later Andean history.

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Ancient South America
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