Large Etruscan Terracotta Votive Item Number: 966239 - For Sale

Large Etruscan Terracotta Votive Item Number: 966239
Price: $3950.00
Large Etruscan Terracotta Votive, ca. Late 3rd-Early 2nd Century B.C. The elongated, stylized figure of a male youth with molded head, the lidded eyes with articulated pupils, the mouth severe, with a mantle pulled up over the back of the head and falling in a single U-shaped fold, a hand in relief on the lower abdomen above the base of the U, the lower body reduced to a cylindrical shaft with drapery folds in low relief, preserving some red pigment throughout. Figures such as this were left at Etruscan shrines in the hopes that the gods would provide a cure for an ailing child. The child is represented as wrapped in swaddling cloth and being held by a caring parent. Rare to find such an intact and large a votive - measuring a very large 29 1/4" (74.3 cm) high. Custom mounted.

Provenanceex-Galerie Nina Borowski, Paris; ex-Christie's, NYC.

Material Terracotta
Dimensions 29 1/4" (74.3 cm)H
Condition Intact

Ancient Greek
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