Roseville Pottery, Matt Green, Arts & Crafts Design, Mock Handles - For Sale

Roseville Pottery, Matt Green, Arts & Crafts Design, Mock Handles
Price: $225.00
For Auction is a jardiniere made by The Roseville Pottery Company of Zanesville, Ohio. The pattern is the rare "Matt Green" Pattern Line. The Planter stands 3 7/8" Tall and is 5 3/4" in diameter outside handles measurement.

The Jardiniere displays Four Deep Matt Green Panels with two looped Buttress Handles at the top on each side that resemble ears. This hard to find pattern and Deep Green Glaze says, "Arts and Crafts" the whole way. The Shape is considered a Flower Pot in the Roseville Catalog Pages. A splendid piece of Art Pottery.

The Vase is considered to be in excellent condition as there are no cracks, chips, dings. There is a tiny flea nick in the glaze on one of the handles pictured and there are a few areas that are weak in the glaze on the inside top border of the Pot. This is considered insignificant and does not affect the value what so ever. There are some pin pops as well. The Piece is unsigned but has the Mold number 548 impressed into the bottom and it is glazed over in Matt green. You can see the Ohio Valley Yellow Beige outer border. This is the tell tale sign of Early Roseville.

The Books state that these were usually unsigned and sometimes displayed the shape number impressed into the bottom like this one. This piece can be found in the reference book, "Roseville in All Its Splendor" by Jack and Nancy Bomm page 219 top left center and this is the 4" Version. This is known as a Roseville Matt Green 548-4 Flower Pot in Roseville's Catalog Pages.

The piece was made Circa 1910. Those of you who collect Matt Green and Arts and Crafts Design Pottery will surely Welcome this one into your collection. This would look just wonderful on that Stickley. Mission, Arts and Crafts Style Bookcase.

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