Roseville Pottery, Gardenia Gray Bowl, Planter, Nice~~~ - For Sale

Roseville Pottery, Gardenia Gray Bowl, Planter, Nice~~~
Price: $150.00
For Sale is a lovely bowl made by The Roseville Pottery Company of Zanesville, Ohio. The Pattern is "Gardenia" and it is done in their ever Popular Gray Background Glaze. The Bowl measures approximately 2 3/4" all and has a diameter of 8 3/8" outside handle measurement. The rim of the bowl measures 6 1/4" wide.

The pattern is a very pleasing one of a Banded White Gardenia in full bloom surrounded by detailed veined leaves on each side of the Flower. The bowl is just wonderful as it Bleeds from a Soft Lilac Purple at the bottom to a Medium Gray and then back to the soft lilac bordering the rim. There are two small rounded handles to complete the look.

The Bowl is considered to be in excellent condition as there are no cracks. nicks, chips or dings. There is the usual crazing that is common with this glaze. I have owned over 50 pieces of Gardenia in my Lifetime and I am pretty sure that every single one of them had crazing. I believe this to be very common and consistent with their Glaze Combinations for this line. There is also one small glaze miss on one of the handles and inside of a flower cluster which is factory and does not take away from its' value.

The Bowl is signed on the bottom "Roseville U.S.A." along with the Shape number 626-6" in raised relief. There is also the numbers "7" and possibly a "5" written in a blue grease pencil. I believe these to be the Finishers and Artists initials. This Bowl is very lovely and will enhance any Roseville Gardenia Pottery Collection.

The Bowl was made, Circa 1950.

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