Vintage Moroccan Oriental Rug 44458 - For Sale

Vintage Moroccan Oriental Rug 44458
Price: $6800.00
Moroccan Oriental Rug, mid 20th century - A neutrally-colored rug of the Moroccan-Oriental design, this piece of art comprises traditional Moroccan art and Central Asian nomadic styling. The dark lines in the carpet appear to be faded, speckled with individual hairs from the thick, snowy fur. The lines clash, creating large rhombi in the center of the piece. The largest of these rhombi divide themselves into smaller diamonds, where multitudes of lines across in a chaotic display. Hemmed designs of chevron check marks fleck the sides of the rug, while the rhombi disappear into an ocean of snowy white fur at the top and bottom of the mat. A truly stunning pattern with high contrast.
Style: Region Specific
Origin: Morocco
Size: 5. ft x 10 ft (1.52 m x 3.05 m)

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1 Nazmiyal Collection
31 East 32nd St.
Floor #2
New York-10016
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Phone : 212-545-8029

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