Persian Carpet - Pictoral - For Sale

Persian Carpet - Pictoral
Price: $5200.00
Persian Carpet- pictoral
Dance & Joy Scene
Chrome-dyed wool & silk
187cm x 107cm

Perfect condition. Was used as wall hanging since 1970 and has been a treasured heirloom by our family for 45 years!
The carpet is signed by the artist and also contains woven verse at the top. It depicts the story of two couples, who seem to enjoy music and wine. An older man appears to watch them but it is not sure from his expression whether he favours the goings-on or not. The artist’s attention to detail is remarkable, both in the borders of the carpet and his depiction of the fauna, flora and fruit. Please note the choice of typical Iranian fare such as cucumbers, pomegranate and grapes. This carpet was appraised in 1998 at $8,000. (see certificate). The appraisal will be included with the purchase.

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