Rare Inca Snake-Form Pacha Item Number: 1097471 - For Sale

Rare Inca Snake-Form Pacha Item Number: 1097471
Price: $3950.00
Rare and delightful! From ancient Peru, Inca, central highlands, Ca 1300 to 1450 AD. Ceremonial pottery vessel used by the village shaman to sprinkle blessed liquid over the corn crop, asking Pacha Papa and Pacha Mama to watch over the harvest. In the realistic form of a snake, decorated with red and black pigments - note the detailing of the snake carrying a small rodent in his mouth. It is most likely the shaman is asking the gods to have the snakes eat the corn-eating rodents to preserve the crop yield. 12"L nose to tail x 5-1/4"H, intact/excellent condition.

ProvenanceEx-private German Collection.

Ancient South America
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