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Price : $120.00
Fine Set Of Four Coin Silver Teaspoons
 Misc. Antique Silver
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Price : $10.00
Here is an amber Patrician 6" plate which was made by the Federal Glass Company. This plate is in excellent condition with no chips or cracks and no use marks. We have 2 of  More »
 Misc. Antique Glass
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Price : $3950.00
Late 19th Century French parquetry chest, in kingwood with intricate satin wood inlays and fine quality bronze mounts and hardware. Note the great antique patina of the wood  More »
 Antique Commodes
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Origin: Afghanistan/Pakistan Date: 200 AD to 500 AD Dimensions: 18" (45.7cm) high x 8.625" (21.9cm) wide
 Ancient Near East
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Price : $150.00
This beautiful three piece clock ensemble is in excellent condition. It is very hard to find a clock like this one, and you can be sure that this clock is an absolutely high  More »
 Antique Wall Clocks
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Price : $13.00
SHARP AND CLEAR STEREOVIEW... featuring a young Victorian couple at bedtime. The caption reads: ''The Last in bed blows out the light'' Condition: Very Good; Circa: Circa  More »
 Antique Stereocards
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Whereas before, war was characterized as a civilized contest between aristocratic armies, during the Warring States Period (475-221 B.C.), war evolved into the chaotic  More »
 Ancient Asian
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Price : $350.00
Chare abstract landscape. Signed on face. Measures 40 by 30 inches. This is a wonderful image. It has a Japanese feel and look to it.
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Price : $5.89
STAMPED STEEL CAP STYLE HANDLE LOOP Rustic Finish, Package of 6, copied from an original taken from an 1898 trunk Overall: 2-1/8"long x 2-1/4"wide ~ Inside Dimensions:  More »
 Reproduction Hardware
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Stock Number: a267 walnut stretcher table
 Antique Tables & Dining Sets
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