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Price : $180.00
Tribal art statuette from the Lega tribe settled along the Lualaba River in eastern DR Congo. Lega art is exclusively focused on and associated with the BWAMI society. Each  More »
 Regional & Ethnic Antiques
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Price : $475.00
C. 1810, 7 1/2'' diameter. We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, and AMERICAN EXPRESS. We are happy to send items on approval. ALL MERCHANDISE HAS A FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.
 Antique Plates & Chargers
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Price : $125.00
A wonderful antique hard paste porcelain possibly American or British Boy in a 18th century dress blue jacket sitting on a tree stump and looks to be searching for a ship  More »
 Antique Figurines & Statues
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Price : $1395.00
A green, patinated bronze lantern. (29x10) French Ca 1890 Status: For Sale Reference#:  More »
 Antique Pendant Lights
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Price : $375.00
VINTAGE GOLD AND RHINESTONE BIB NECKLACE. unknown, Featured is a fantastic gold and rhinestone bib necklace. It has intricate design of gold filigree. We were told that this  More »
 Vintage Jewelry
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Price : $49.99
Item: Antique Continental Rose Pattern Cup Saucer Cabinet Age: Late 19th Century Size: Height of cup - 2 1/2 inches (6.2 cms) Condition: Fair - some heavy wear  More »
 Antique Cups & Saucers, Mugs
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Price : $1960.00
Obverse: Diademed head of Alexander I facing right. Reverse: Zeus enthroned holding Nike and sceptre. Inscription: [BA]ΣIΛEΩΣ, AΛEΞANΔPOY (on right) and  More »
 Ancient coins
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Price : $12.00
Antique Art Deco door backplates, dating from the 1920s. The door plates feature a rare elongated shape with arrow tipped finials. Gracing the sides are scrolling lines and  More »
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Price : $110.00
Disney Pooh and Classic Pooh Around the House Shipping $10.95
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Price : $20.00
A great cabinet photograph featuring four generations of Victorian women... grandmother, mother, daughter, and child. Condition: Very; Circa: 1890s; Heigth: cabinet size  More »
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