SEG (Saturday Evening Girls) Creamer & Sugar, Lotus Blossom Pattern, Rare & HTF~~ - For Sale

SEG (Saturday Evening Girls) Creamer & Sugar, Lotus Blossom Pattern, Rare & HTF~~
Price: $975.00
For Sale is a wonderful hand painted Cup made by "The Saturday Evening Girls" (SEG) Pottery Company" of Boston, Mass. This cup is painted in the highly collected "Lotus Blossom" pattern. The Cup is dainty as it stands 2" Tall and is 3 5/8" in diameter outside handle measurement. The Cup itself is only 2 7/8" in diameter.

The Cup Displays a very Arts and Crafts Style Pattern of Lotus Flowers that sit on a wavy band. The root of the Blossoms are caught between these wavy bands that are outlined in a black glaze. The Lotus Blossom itself is set a against a matte mustard yellow background. The matt mustard yellow background is also locked between an uneven border on the bottom to a straight and even border at the top. This is considered a 3 glazed color SEG cup.

The Cup is considered to be in excellent condition as there are no cracks, nicks, chips or dings. There is heavy crazing through out. The cup is signed on the underside bottom in a black script glaze that reads "S.E.G. 1-20" for the year and month of manufacture which is "January 1920". There are also the Initials "E" joined to the letter "G" for the SEG Artist, Eva Geneco.

For those of you who want to learn more about SEG/Paul Revere Pottery I will attach a link to a web page that gives a brief but very descriptive information about them. Here it is just click on this link and it will bring you to it.

This is a quality delicate piece of Art Pottery. These little cups are hard to come by. I'm quite sure the Buyer will be quite pleased with their purchase. This piece was made Circa, 1920.

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