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Roseville Flower Frog
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c. 1944 #50 Clematis Pattern
Flower Frog

The Roseville Pottery Company has a rich history as an American art and commercial pottery company. Before the company moved their offices from Roseville to Zanesville, Ohio in 1898, peddlers included their pottery pieces among the necessities and occasional luxuries that they offered housewives from door to door. Roseville catered to this market by offering a “Canvaser’s Outfit” that offered a miniature cuspidor and umbrella stand “finished in blended colors, artistically decorated represent[ing] exactly full size ware.”

Roseville began producing art pottery in earnest at their Zanesville plant in 1900 under the direction of Ross Purdy. The new pottery was named Rozane and it came in a brown finish, a light finish, a monochromatic soft brown and a blended finish similar to the Aurelian line of its chief competitor, Weller. Most pieces of this period were artist-signed.

Purdy was was succeeded in 1904 by Frederick Rhead. He created some of the most highly sought after early lines, but, sadly, he left the company in 1908. By 1914, the Rozane Art Pottery line was discontinued.

The majority of Roseville Pottery was produced during the 1920s, 1930s and early 1940s. During this time, the company’s art director, Frank Ferrell, introduced such popular lines such as Wisteria, Sunflower, Futura and Ferrella.

After WWII, times and tastes changed and Roseville attempted to launch a line of modernistic dinnerware that never really succeeded and the company was forced to close and liquidate its assets in 1954.

This piece is a flower frog #50 in the Roseville Clematis Autumn Brown pattern. Repaired chip on front bottom rim (see photo). Otherwise in excellent condition. A wonderful collector’s piece.

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