large Vintage Jiro kaneshiro Vase Fish Japanese Tsuboya Ryukyuan Pottery - For Sale

large Vintage Jiro kaneshiro Vase Fish Japanese Tsuboya Ryukyuan Pottery
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金城次郎 Jiro kaneshiro

A craftworker who inherits the Tsuboya-yaki tradition, the Okinawa's first folk art pottery ,He was honored as a mukei bunkazai -living treasure-.
(the person himself talks about pottery)
Human national treasure representing Japan that attracted world attention.
Roguro's masterpiece freely uses various techniques such as line engraving, brush eye, finger scratching, sinking,
he produced a diverse and unique work depicting Okinawa's laughing fish and dancing shrimp, arabesque pattern, geometric pattern etc, His work is highly collectible.

- Kinjo Jiro - Pottery history -

1912 -Taisho Hara- Born in Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture.

1924 -Taisho 13- Engaged in pottery made by Takashi's masterpiece Arakaki Eikin, learning pottery.

1946 -Showa 21- Independence opened a kiln in Naba Tsuboya. Take guidance from Shoji Hamada and Kojiro Kawai and others.

In 1956 -Showa 31- he was awarded a New Award at the 30th National Exhibition.

In 1958 -Showa 33- Bottle and Fish Writing Plate are permanently preserved in the National Folk Art Museum of Romania.

1967 -Showa 42- 1st Okinawa Time Art prize prize award received.

In 1969 -Showa 44- he won the Awatu Yusaku Prize at the 43rd National Exhibition. He won the Japanese Folk Art Museum Award.

1971 -Showa 46- Prize-winning Japanese Ceramic Art Exhibition Shirakami-fish Line Platelet, overseas tour.

1972 -Showa 47- Yomiya village build a kiln on the seat ravine. In the same year, he was certified as an intangible cultural property of Okinawa prefecture -skill holder-.

Became a member of the National Gallery in 1973 -Showa 48-.

In 1977 -Showa 52- he is honored as -Ministry of Labor-modern masterwork.

1981 -Showa 56- Received Rika Tsuyoshi for the sixth etc.

1985 -Showa 60- Certified as a holder -human national treasure- of important intangible cultural property -Ryukyu pottery- Okinawa prefecture first.

1994 Okinawa Prefecture Achievement Chapter Award 1993 -Heisei 5- Order Fourth Rewards Award 1997 -Heisei 9- Pause the cotton.

December 24, 2004-Heisei 16- because of myocardial infarction -92 years old, born in 1912 -


approximately: Height 12.5 inches ,Width 5,2 inches,Weight 1.2 kg.

Art work: 2 large fishes ,stunning engraving.

Condition: Fine 99 %.

Payment:The buyer is responsible for paying the seller directly after winning the item , maximum 3 days.


Shipping:Free Shipping All over the world.

Shipping company: UPS

-----Genuine work of Jiro kaneshiro----

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